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The Knighthood

The Sovereign Order of the Knights of St. Urban and St. Vincent – Brotherhood of Dão Wine Tasters was created in 1995 by a group of enthusiasts, under the patronage of His Highness the Prince Miguel de Bragança, our Patron – Mor. It includes the direct descendants of founders of the Appelation d’Origine Dão and it admits as members those subscribing our fundamental principles: Independence from political, economical, or any other influence; apology of culture, reasonable and demanding usage of wine, courtesy, politeness, and good-humour. The Order is benevolent, has no material possessions and cannot gather wealth of any kind.

In spite of an inflexible independence, we often receive members of the government and of the military and religious hierarchy, and do collaborate with other benevolent associations, NGO’s, and regional authority, provided this might be suitable to the Order’s purposes. We regularly do invite Diplomats, considered to be most distinguished supporters of Dão wine excellence, at their countries.

Head Office

Viseu is an ancient city, with at least, 2000 years old history. Capital of Beira-Alta province and a crossing of main roads, it has always been an important trading centre and a main military bastion, maintaining the monuments corresponding to such significance. Access is straightforward through main motorways (IP3and IP5) and a trip from Lisbon should take around 2H30.

The ancient sector, parks and gardens, and museums surely deserve a visit. Other local interests: Golf, horse riding, shopping, regional food, spa stations, mountain hiking, byking, fishing, hunting, craftsmanship, chateau wines.

Current Hierarchy:
Grand-Master: Prof. Dr. Luís Caldeira Canavarro de Morais
Vice Grand-Master: Sr. Horácio de Andrade e Silva Ramos
Master: Coronel Pedro Osório Bandeira Calheiros
Chancelor: Eng. Carlos Costa Silva
Superintendant: Eng José Carlos Campos Silva Oliveira

Executive Staff:
General Assembly:
Prof. Dr. Luis Caldeira Canavarro de Morais
Dr. José António Morais Sarmento Moniz
Eng António Albuquerque Rodrigues

Tax Council:
Dr. Álvaro Manuel Nogueira Barba de Menezes
Engº Gonçalo Ferreira Bandeira Calheiros
Dr Henrique Vilhena Pereira Silva

Board of Directors:
Coronel Pedro Osório Bandeira Calheiros
Eng José Carlos Campos Silva Oliveira
Dr. José Eduardo Rebelo Granja Bento
Sr. Nelson Luis Almeida Augusto
Eng Amadeu Jorge Teixeira Rodrigues Fernandes

Sr Eduardo dos Santos Pinto

Honorific and Technical Staff

Board of Counselors
Dr. José Morais Sarmento Moniz
Desembargador Dr. Manuel Dias Ramos Pereira Ramalho
Dr. José Manuel Vilhena Pereira da Silva
Dr. Henrique Vilhena Pereira da Silva

Eng Francisco José de Paula Coelho

Eng Gonçalo Ferreira Bandeira Calheiros

Chefe Hélio Delgado Loureiro (Consº. Gastronómico)
Prof. Dr. Arlindo Marques Cunha (Consº Insígne)

Wine Taster’s College
Eng. Carlos Costa Silva
Eng. José Carlos Campos Silva Oliveira
Eng. João Guilherme Albuquerque Perry Vidal
Eng. Marco António Oliveira Rebelo
Eng. Manuel José Jarego Camoez